[Sample] Krystal Fire Clear Glass 1/2" - 1"

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Experience a traditional fire in a new way with Krystal Fire - Fire Glass - 1/2"-1" Clear Ice. This fire glass amplifies the natural glow of fire, creating a mesmerizing fire display. Create a unique design with different colors or levels and watch as the fire wraps around the flows underneath the glass.

Use Krystal Fire - Fire Glass to replace gas logs and instantly transform your living space or outdoor room. This glass can be used for indoor or outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and fire pit tables. Krystal Fire - Fire Glass is made of 100% recycled which is color infused with a high quality specialized process maintaining a vibrant translucent color finish (color varies). Krystal Fire - Fire Glass will not melt, degrade, or emit toxic fumes, nor will it create ash or smoke. Our fire glass is melted and put through a unique multi-step process enabling the highest quality and consistency in color, finish and size than any other fire glass product on the market today.


  • 1/2 inch - 1 inch pieces of glass
  • Amplifies the natural glow of fire
  • Use alone or as a filler with another color on top


Please note: When using propane some residue may occur.

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